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Need financial help

Mr Willy started this conversation

Hello Everyone,

                           I don't know what to do I am in dire straits. I need help to pay off my two credit card accounts. I owe 10k in one and 5 k on the other. My other bills I am able to handle I have three small children and My lovely wife. We have been through a lot in the past year and it has taken a toll on the whole family. I have been unable to find a permanent job and now just working day by day labor jobs. I don't have a permanent place to live  so i am unable to get government help. My kids dont have health insurance and owe one hospital 2 k  already. I did not qualify for medicae or medi aid. no food stamps or any kind of ssi help. That is the reason why now i am turmomg to this method if you can help please let me know.

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s. mikada
Hi there,

I am not happy to do this, but I would really need to ask help. My foreigner boyfriend cheated on me and left me alone in this city. I left my work and family behind to move to Manila with him and now I am in big trouble with my bills and debt.

I know there is other people who needs help too. But I dont know what to do anymore.

I hope someone with good heart could help me. I have done everything myself. I have sold my belongings and clothes in ebay already, but it is very hard to findwork here in Philippines.

Please help me, I will be glad to do anything to repay everything and give every pennyback when life gives me the chance to do so. Please help me, everything will be a blessing in my horrible situation. :(
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Hello, I have lost me job and I just finished school. I am 14 months behind on rent and bills . I am looking for assistance to pay all bills and debt off in addition to starting my own business. I need 18,000.00 to do this and get a fresh start on my new life. Please help.
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Hello everyone....I have recently lost my job...while working my car needed repairs I had two sensors go bad so I took it to the dealership since no one else seemed to know what was wrong....the next day my car was fixed...costing me 900 dollars...this was April..... in May I lost my job.... I have been making small payments to the dealership they have been very patient and understanding...I now have the cost down to 600 dollars but it seems that I cant pay off the is very frustrating because I need the car to go back to work...Please if anyone reads this and cares can someone please help me get my life back...I have prayed for just this one small thing to happen...after I get my car back I can handle things from there...but it seems to be a big rock in my way...Someone who is able to help me or at least direct me to someone who can please contact me and let me know....I am at my wits end.

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 in response to fat phill...   Not crazy, desperate...not cold and heartless, destitute.
We, like you, are angry about the situations we are in and will try anything to get a foothold in our lives. We all know hindsight is 20/20 but there is no sense kicking ourselves about it now. We all have to try and move forward as best we can.

If we had known 20+years ago that a college education would be a necessity today, we would have all gone to college. But 20 years ago we were still relying on industry to support us. The US was just transition from industry to technology - no one knew where that road would lead.

Now reports are saying we are moving more towards a "service" industry - what that means, I have no idea. Considering no one has the funds to go to spas and restaurants, I have no idea how a service industry will survive in this economy.

I do agree with you - do what you can to get by. If it means ignoring some bills in order to eat, then by all means, do so. IF it means applying for social services to survive and support your family - then do it - after all that is your tax money at work, might as well take advantage of it if you can. If you are unemployed, then yes, go back to school and get that degree. And No, $6/hr flipping burgers does NOT cut it unless you are 16 and have no responsibilities.
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 in response to fat phill...   fat phill- Not everyone is cold and heartless! I'd like to help others, but do not have funds to help me let alone anyone else. I do agree we as people have a lot more power and resources available then realized! most do not realize there is help out there or self help to correct situations, like attempting to negoiate your amounts with credit card companies. However I'd be more inclined to help others within the united states, as we need to take care of our own in the US too. And on top of that I am not too inclined to help anyone that may be a scammer,or worse, but these days, that is another reason lot of people do not help others as well.....
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I have two kids. I have a chance at a new job my and boyfreind. we need help moving to new orleans. I dont want to leave my kids behind. i need some help just until the checks can start rolling in .

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Scam much, Naveed1?

My husband and I have two children, no job. We are getting food stamps right now, a very big help even though it is embarrassing. My husband decided to go back to college while he draws his unemployment. I have a photo biz but it has been terribly slow. Right now we owe a little over $4000 paying off our mortgage.The mortgage company agreed to work with us by reducing our interest and monthly payment. I thank God, because if this had not happened we would be in foreclosure. 

Our electric company on the other hand could care less, they just want their money. They don't seem to care that we have limited income now. Currently waiting to see if Community Action will get funding (LIHEAP) on the 23rd to help. If not then the electric company said they will cut us off. Yeah, even though I've told them we have two young children. They don't care. If that happens then we will have to stay with family, another embarrassment. I am thankful though. They are tons of people out there that don't have it as good as us. Hopefully a miracle will come their way soon.

I'm not here asking for money, just getting a little off my chest. I wish everyone the best of luck and my prayers are with the ones who truly need the help. 

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fat phill

You people are crazy, you think anyone's just going to give you 5k? Not with the type of society we live in now days, people are cold and heartless, just like our gov. Besides that, 5k would not fix your problem, it would just delay the issue at hand. Do what I did, stop paying on credit cards, and all other BS you don't have to have to get by on. Sure you get phone calls all the time and letters from lawers, collection agencies, etc. But I say screw them, they make billions yearly off those insane APR's and penalities. I'm without a job, don't know how I'm going to make my next truck payment, but I'm not asking anyone for help. I feel it's partially my fault for not continuing my edu, which is what it takes to get a decent job anymore. No one wants to hire anyone without a degree, unless you want to make 6.00 an hour flipping burgers.

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im single mather i have lots broblem i need sam one help me plz no job no home   no child benefis i cryne every day, no bady help me with my children
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im 33 and maried with three children im loosing my home in a week becouse some one thought it to be perfect to place person with bad credit with a bleu colar job in a home and make them pay more then they can just so they can make a profit while a person thmakestwice as much and has good credit but can afford what i pay(witch by the way is 1500 a month) pay half that if not alot less explain how if they where to have any tipe of proble the goverment is quick to help but me litle old me they dont even think twice to say you made youre bed now lay in itno christmas for me and my family this year and no one even flinches at the thought of some one in need scrougelike i think so

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I am father of two kids and was having a business. SOme bad debts occured and my business collapsed. I am having 3 credit card and one personal loan issue which has almost made my family away from me. Its a horrible situation. I am sure that i can come back if i get a small help from some one. I dont have own house. So if anyone can lend me with $5000 it will be great help. I can pay back it by 6 months. If you can give any amount i will give a check for that. My paypal account is
State Bank of India - Account - 20004963649.

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priya sharma

i need financial help, due to loss in my business i have many creditors back of me

and i need to help my husband he is a heart patient

so plz can any one help me out in this matter.

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I had lost my job recently. I can do business. But not having investment for the same. I need someone to help for investment. my email id is


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I need help. Please help me. I have a small business here, but due to recent political and economical problems it’s not going well. Every month I have to spend more and more from my principal amount. I need around 5000 US dollars to overcome this situation. If 50 people donate $100 each or 100 people $50 each, I can survive. If you wish to help Please drop me a line, I will send you details My bank details is following BANK ALFALAH LIMITED KASUR BRANCH ( RP – 0051612 ) NAVEED AHMAD 0117 - 02900065 SAVING ACCOUNT CITY: KASUR PROVINCE: PUNJAB COUNTRY: PAKISTAN NAVEED AHMAD Mob: +255 712 284688

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